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Toughest 5K and 10K Races on Long Island?

by: Don Nenninger

woman runnerA sunny Saturday morning in June is a great time to do a race. The run I did today in East Setauket was tough. Running on the North Shore of the island where I live and train, is a different experience than the South Shore. As I was running today I was considering of all the races that I have done 5K and 10K which are the hardest and most challenging courses. Well, all of the races have to be on the North Shore because of the hills and the challenging terrain so I came up with a short list.

  • The toughest 5K race on Long Island is the one I did today St. James Church in East Setauket.
  • The toughest 10K race on Long Island is a toss up because there are two very similar races. So similar that I’m going to say that the Cow Harbor 10K and Shelter Island 10K are simultaneously two of the most challenging and two of the most beautiful races that you can participate in.

If you have a chance to participate in any of these Long Island running races make sure you seize the opportunity. The next Shelter Island race is June 18 and the Cow Harbor race in Northport is held this September. I use these races as motivation to get through the training doldrums. The crowd support at these races is fantastic and really adds to the experience!

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